Learn about another culture with a different music, food and languageā€¦

Turkish Artists

Experience the meeting of east and west with lively and exciting art from Turkey. We bring Turkish music, theatre, films and visual art to the Czech Republic. Sign in to our newsletter to get updates about upcoming events.

Czech Artists

Discover the latest music, film, theatre and art from Czech Rep. & Europe. Sign in to our newsletter to get updates about upcoming events.

Research into Cultural Integration

Yeye has teamed up with [name of university] to conduct research into how Turkish people assimilate in European societies. Check out our website TurksinEurope.eu for more details.

We also work with international and pan-European organisations such Erasmus and AIESEC to arrange multi-cultural internships.

Language in Action

Targeted Turkish and Czech language course tailored for your needs, including preparation for Czech residence exams and language exams at A1, B1 levels.

The language programme is based on improvization and simulation technics.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about the courses and the programme.

Workshops in Turkish Culture

We provide a range of workshops aimed at introducing Czech to Turkish art and crafts, and vice versa. Please check the listing below for details.

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