Find a job or employees, relocate smoothly and get professional internship and coaching…

Open Positions

We help high quality employers and dedicated employees come together, specialising in multi-lingual sales. Please check our job listings and resources for job seekers for more information.

Sales coaching & team building

We specialise in promoting and training sales people through a range of services tailored for the needs of the organisation – from individual coaching to team building activities for sales team and departments.


Yeye is constantly looking for talented individuals who wish to gain experience in a multi-national business environment.

Yeye is hosting Erasmus+ trainees every summer and organizing AIESEC traineeship program called ‘Alumni Internship Refferal’ (AIR) programme

Yeye is managing customized platform for Turkish trainees such as

Relocation in Czech Republic

Walking hand in hand with new arrivals to the Czech Republic, ensuring a swift and easy process, including accommodation, moving, visa procedures, and much more.


Comprehensive visa service for short or long term business and employee visa.

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